Pool Sessions

Free AWC Pool Sessions at the JCC in Albuquerque on Thursday Nights

now through August 25, 8:00 – 9:30 PM

What: Kayaking pool sessions will be offered on Thursday evenings in ABQ. Most evenings, we will have an ACA certified instructor, or otherwise qualified individual to provide some support or volunteer instruction. Sessions in the past included roll instruction, drills for skills, and play boating. Details will be posted on Facebook each week.

When: 8-9:30 from now until August 25, 2016

– April 14 and 28 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm (note: 2 sessions in April, not every week)

– Every Thursday from May 5 to July 7 from 8-9:30pm (total of 12 sessions)

– We will evaluate attendance in July to determine how many additional sessions to offer (see above – pool sessions have been extended through August).

Where: The Jewish Community Center (JCC) –  5520 Wyoming Blvd NE, Albuquerque NM 87109. It is a privilege to use the JCC facilities. Please be extra kind to the staff and ensure you and others follow the rules (see below) we have in place for everyone’s safety. We hope to see you at the pool and on the water!

Cost:  Free to AWC members who are also American Canoe Association (ACA) Members!

– There will be a $5 fee per session to cover the cost of ACA insurance if you are not an ACA member (so join ACA already – it’s only $30/year for an individual or $40/year for a family – because the Adobe Whitewater Club of NM is a “Paddle America Club” you save $10 off an individual membership and $20 off a family membership!)

– You must be a CURRENT AWC member to participate in the roll sessions.  If you are not a current AWC member, you can pay the annual $15 fee at the pool.  No exceptions!


1.  JCC Waiver form:

Everyone must sign one JCC waiver per year, in paper at the pool.  Easy!

2. American Canoe Association (ACA) Waiver form:

– ACA members who sign an online waiver just need to bring a printed copy of proof of membership AND online waiver and after that you will NOT need to do any more paperwork this season. Easy!

– If you are an ACA member but have not filled out the annual online member, you will need to bring your ACA card/proof of membership and fill out an ACA paper waiver each pool visit.

– If you are not an ACA member, you will need pay a $5 fee per session to cover the cost of ACA insurance  (so join ACA already!) and fill out an ACA paper waiver for each session.

Additional Information:

– Adobe Whitewater Club of NM membership is only $15 per year per family! It’s a great deal, and that money is invested directly back into our local paddling community.

– ACA membership varies by type, and costs $30 for an individual membership and $40 for a family membership for AWC members.  Make sure to select PAC club and select AWC when you sign up.

– If you are an AWC member, you receive a discount being a Paddle America Club (PAC). The discount is $10 off for individual ACA memberships, and $20 off family ACA memberships.

– Being an ACA member will benefit you at other events held by the club, such as the clinics, so joining ACA and filling out the annual online waiver makes it easier and cheaper to take advantage of AWC events throughout the year.

– This year, a portion of all ACA memberships from the state of NM will be invested directly back into our state.

JCC Pool Rules

  1. All participants must sign JCC Guest Waiver Form (except JCC Members)
  2. Pool would be available during the above dates and times.
  3. Lifejackets must be worn when paddling in a boat.
  4. Enter and exit the pool along the South side of the pool.
  5. Children <13 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  6. Paddlers may rinse off and change in the guest area, not in the members’ only locker rooms or inside of the JCC facility (unless a JCC member).
  7. Paddlers should exit the pool no later than 9:30pm and be fully off the premises by 10pm.
  8. Rinse boats off and try to ensure they are as clean as possible, both inside and out before entering the pool area.
  9. People can bring their kayak and gear at 7:45pm/ gate opens at 8pm
  10. Paddlers may use the back driveway to drop off their kayaks. Please do not obstruct the fire hydrant and do not park vehicles there for longer than it takes to do the drop off. Then, please park in the parking lot.
  11. Paddlers must be a current member of the Adobe Whitewater Club of New Mexico ($15 per year) to participate. They can register for membership their first pool session.