Volunteers Needed for Rio Grande Cleanup - Originally Posted October 2017

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to help clean up the river from the SE corner of US550 and the bridge to the Corrales access point!

Saturday, October 21, 2017, 10:00 AM

SE Corner Parking Lot of US550 and the Rio Grande

In April 2016, we cleaned up this same 4 mile stretch of the river and picked up 359 pounds of recyclables (190 pounds of which were beer bottles) and 617 pounds of garbage.

After cleaning up the US550 area, those who are interested will kayak/canoe/SUP/raft down the river from US550 to Corrales.  We’ll pick up as much trash as possible from the river during the paddle.  We will run the shuttle for cars AFTER cleaning up the US550 area and BEFORE paddling down the river.

Your help is needed!   Some of our adaptive paddling participants will be joining us.  The more people on the river, the safer everyone will be.

More information on meetup.