The Adobe Whitewater Club of New Mexico is a boating community dedicated to:

  1. Encouraging and supporting recreational paddling opportunities for our members both within and outside the state of New Mexico.

  2. Giving voice to our membership on issues which affect our boating community.

  3. Providing a social network so our members can find others to boat with.

  4. Promoting safety through education and training.

  5. Developing and building skills through classes and individual instruction.

  6. Practicing environmental stewardship of our waterways for those who come after us.

  7. Organizing group trips and outings for those members who enjoy boating in the company of others.

  8. Maintaining monthly social meetings for those who want to eat and continue to tell stories off the water.

  9. Most of all, our goal is to have FUN!


Board of Directors

President - Scott Carpenter

Vice Pres - Open?

Treasurer - Chad Morris

Secretary - Adam Hill

Webmaster - Tom Fort

Clinics/Education - Donna Koechner

Membership Director - Theresa Watson

Race Director - Michael Carney

IT Director - Travis Burkhard

Director at Large - Corey Spoores

Contact -

Adobe Whitewater Club is a 501(c)(4) organization.